CU8E  | キューブ

CU8E | キューブ



The Russian brand was founded in 2012 in China as an identifier of a foreign subculture outside of its homeland.
Joint collections with Asian brands and local artists and underground music evenings where clothes were distributed exclusively among friends, made the brand popular, and later it became known in its homeland in Russia.

The concept of the brand changes depending on the location of the designer and his environment. It is a mixture of clothing styles from the subcultures of different countries, primarily Asia.
Most of the models continue to be produced by us in limited quantity. The clothes were partially made in the Irkutsk studio of the CU8E brand, as well as in the CU8E CO.LAB studio in China. Exclusive brand items are made to order.

Since / 2012

Доставка и оплата
  • Курьером по стране (Россия) — 550 руб.

При отправке по России – полная предоплата через платежную систему CDEK.

Оформляя товар на сайте «Faces&Laces Locals», вы осуществляете покупку напрямую в магазине CU8E | キューブ.

Правила возврата

При условии сохранения товарного вида, наличии этикеток и пломб, срок возврата товара составляет 14 дней с момента получения товара.  

В случае неправильной комплектации заказа стоимость обратной доставки оплачивает продавец.